Anatomy Of An Ethanol Fireplace Burner

manual ethanol fireplace burner

Manual vs Electronic Ethanol Burners Ok, Here’s the ‘down and dirty’… When it comes to safety, efficiency and convenience, I would have to say it’s time to retire the idea of a manual ethanol burner. Its an idea that had its time. Sure, its cheaper (in most cases…. but a manual ethanol fireplace from Ecosmartfire can…

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A Ribbon of Fire 50 Ft. long – Is it Possible?

aFire Modulo - Ribbon of Fire

With aFire the only limitation is your imagination…  aFire, manufacturer of the highest quality,  safest remote control ethanol fireplaces + ethanol burners makes the impossible possible: MODULO – our newest introduction, now makes it possible to create single ribbons of fire up to 50 Feet in length and all controlled from one single button remote control.…

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World’s Longest Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace: aFire BX180

aFire BX180 Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace

aFire USA premiere manufacturer of remote control ethanol fireplaces and ethanol burners introduces its BX180 Ethanol Burner. At 72″, its the longest single ethanol fireplace burner in the world! Light up this fireplace by pressing one button the included remote control and watch as your ethanol fireplace automatically lights and 6 ft of unbroken flames…

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Top 3 Reasons Your Fireplace Should Be An Electronic Ethanol Fireplace

Fire and Community

There are many choices when making the decision to include a fireplace in your home – wood, gas or ethanol fireplace.  And there are many reasons people desire a fireplace for their home. Just think Romance, Comfort, and Community… mankind has been enthralled with fire since the beginning of time. The advent of the Fireplace…

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Remote Controlled Fireplace
Pretty AND Smart

remote control fireplaces

How nice would it be to walk into your home and find the lighting dimmed, a fire burning, and your favorite music track playing – Sound like a dream? Now aFire USA makes this possible with the convenience of an aFire remote control electronic fireplace. All aFire ethanol fireplaces and ethanol burners are electronically controlled, and…

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Pay More For A Remote Control Ethanol Burner

aFire Remote Control Fireplace

A manual ethanol fireplace or burner, and an aFire remote control ethanol fireplace both have a stainless steel top plate and fuel tank. That’s where their similarities end… Ok, so let’s get right down to it… The first reason you should pay more for an electronic ethanol fireplace is concern for Fireplace Safety. This reason alone should…

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Size Matters – How To Correctly Size Ethanol Fireplace To Your Room

aFire BX180 - Long Ethanol Burner

Ethanol fireplace fuel, when burned completely in a well designed ethanol fireplace or ethanol burner, is totally clean burning and requires no exterior ventilation. Careful engineering makes these devices extremely versatile, cost effective, and easy to install. The only byproducts of burning ethanol fireplace fuel are small amounts of CO2 and water vapor.

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