A Ribbon of Fire 50 Ft. long – Is it Possible?

aFire Modulo - Ribbon of Fire

With aFire the only limitation is your imagination…

 aFire, manufacturer of the highest quality,  safest remote control ethanol fireplaces + ethanol burners makes the impossible possible:

MODULO – our newest introduction, now makes it possible to create single ribbons of fire up to 50 Feet in length and all controlled from one single button remote control.

Our Modulo Remote Control Ethanol Burner allows you to create ethanol fireplaces in incremental custom lengths from 4 feet to 50 feet by simply choosing and combining individual ethanol burner sections of various lengths. The completed custom fireplaceact acts as one integrated system operated from one central “brain” and all easily controlled from a simple to use one button remote control.

aFire Modulo - remote control ethanol fireplace

How easy is that?

Enjoy all the benefits that make aFire Remote Control Ethanol Fireplaces + Ethanol Burners the most convenient, economic, and safest ethanol fireplaces on the market today:

  • Convenience – Operate your fireplace with a simple one button remote
  • Ease of Installation – No Vent or Ducting. No gas lines to install
  • Unsurpassed Safety –  Onboard Electronics Monitor Safe Operation


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