Remote Controlled Fireplace
Pretty AND Smart

remote control fireplaces

How nice would it be to walk into your home and find the lighting dimmed, a fire burning, and your favorite music track playing – Sound like a dream? Now aFire USA makes this possible with the convenience of an aFire remote control electronic fireplace.

All aFire ethanol fireplaces and ethanol burners are electronically controlled, and monitored continuously for safe operation. These same electronics allow your aFire fireplace to be controlled by a single button remote control that provides unprecedented convenience to your home.

Imagine relaxing on your sofa, working in your home office, watching your favorite movie in bed, or lounging in a warm tub – then reaching for the single button remote control, and with the touch of a button, igniting your modern and intelligent fireplace. Simple as that.

Unlike typical manual ethanol fireplaces you’ll find commonly sold on the internet – our remote controlled ethanol fireplaces provide superior safety and convenience.

No longer are you required to stick your hand inside the fireplace to light your fire only to be startled by a loud ‘POP’ as the vapors ignite close up. Simply sit back from the comfort of your sofa, bed or even bath and push one simple to operate button on your remote control and watch as your fire lights quickly, safely, and without any drama – just pure convenience.

Now as if that is not enough, aFire takes it one step further. We provide a “dry port” in each and every one of our ethanol burners to allow you to easily integrate your aFire fireplace into ANY home automation system you might have installed. Its quite simple… Once installed, you can schedule your fire to turn on just as you arrive home, and turn off just as you doze off to sleep. Instead of having one more remote control to track, you can operate your fireplace directly from a universal remote control or master control panel that allows control of all devices throughout your entire home. Or as a bonus – you can control your fireplace directly from any smartphone.

Try that with a standard manual ethanol fireplace :-(

aFire represents Intelligent Technology. It’s both pretty AND smart! And while you will enjoy the convenience provided by your aFire Remote Controlled Ethanol Fireplace – our main goal is to ensure your safety:

  • Remove any danger associated with lighting a manual ethanol burner
  • Ensure complete combustion of the ethanol fuel – assuring no toxic exhaust
  • Constantly monitor your fireplace’s operation for safety
  • Automatic shut down if operating outside normal parameters

This is the intelligence of an aFire Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace.

With an aFire remote ethanol burner, installation is simple. No venting is required, and the unit is absolutely “plug and play” out of the box. Simply plug the unit into any household outlet, drop it into your housing (not provided), fill it with ethanol fireplace fuel and click the button on your remote control to light your first fire – all within minutes.

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