World’s Longest Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace: aFire BX180

aFire BX180 Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace

aFire USA premiere manufacturer of remote control ethanol fireplaces and ethanol burners introduces its BX180 Ethanol Burner. At 72″, its the longest single ethanol fireplace burner in the world! Light up this fireplace by pressing one button the included remote control and watch as your ethanol fireplace automatically lights and 6 ft of unbroken flames dance beautifully before your eyes:

All aFire ethanol burners are easy to operate from the single button remote control (included). The onboard electronics continuously monitor the safe operation of your electronic ethanol fireplace. If CO2 levels rise above acceptable levels your fireplace automatically shuts down. If the fireplace becomes too hot for safety, the computer brain will immediately shut down the fireplace. We include an accelerometer similar to the one used in an iPhone – should your fireplace tip, our safety sensors immediately shut the fireplace down avoiding further danger. There is no ethanol fireplace made that is safer than an aFire remote control fireplace.

Need a longer ribbon of unbroken flames? Check out our newly introduced MODULO ethanol burner system. These units can be combined to form a single ribbon of flame in regular lengths up to 50ft long! You can even have your flame turn a corner or run a zig zag pattern.

aFire Modulo - Ribbon of Fire

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